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Rapido Fruehauf 35' Integral-Post Volume Van Trailer B&M #3 HO Scale

Rapido Fruehauf 35' Integral-Post Volume Van Trailer B&M #3 HO Scale

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The Pennsylvania Railroad was an early adopter of the scheme with their “TrucTrain” service, but many other railroads offered their own services. The Trailer Train Company (TTX) was formed in November 1955 and quickly became the major player in TOFC (Trailer On Flat Car) operations. Its cars run on railroads throughout North America. Following on the introduction of our PRR and TTX F30D/G flat cars, Rapido is pleased to announce three groups of trailers that perfectly accompany our flat – or anybody else’s! These three body styles have not been available in HO plastic models before and cover the time period from the mid-1950s through the 1970s.

       For the 1955-60s era, we offer the 35’ Fruehauf Integral-Post Volume Van with ribbed sides and rounded corners. These trailers will also be available with or without curb-side loading doors.

        Our 1960s offerings include two designs; the 40’ Fruehauf Exterior-Post Volume Van and the 40’ Fruehauf Fluted-Side Volume Van, both with side door options where appropriate and the latter in both refrigerated and dry van forms.

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